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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem

O’ New Jerusalem, land of the brave and spirited warriors,
O’ New Jerusalem, land of majestic mountains and sweet waters,
Yes you O’ Zion, the coveted work of art whose tormentor is blinded by your beauty and
Magnificence. (Evil doers know not)
The meadows have dressed you with the foliage that wing creatures can only dream of, in your battlefield hope is heard from its foreign visitors, they cry out in jubilee, sing well orchestrated chorus, their tunes are enchantment to the ears of the natives.

Creation spoke in riddles when you came forth, the almighty God stretched his right hand in blessings; you were the master’s achievements, He laboured in pain with your upbringing,

O’ Zion, your spirit can not be broken and the enemies in the battlefield shake in fear because there is warmth in the fluid that sustains life. There is love and unity in what remains, that to be adequate because abundance is not necessary the advantage.

O’ Zion, the world see little of you and tongues and mad people of the world have distorted views of a land, which is creation, humans like all other and in many ways more prone to reason than all others,

The promise land is in your midst, paradise belongs to he who struggles for the good cause of its people, O’ Zion, I will see you in paradise or die trying.

Paradise does not belong to the faithless, who stoned the prophets, whose blessings God revoked,

O’ Zion, hold strong and roll well because blessings are sure in God almighty.

O’ Zion, land of the spiritual warriors of the mountains how many men wish to serve you! and how many have missed! Yet the struggle continues and I see the faces of many who took the call, their faces smiling with graceful humbleness, their memories like a mighty wave that gets stronger as it picks up time.

O’ Zion, motherland that shelters its off springs in the bosom of caves, peaks, valleys and evergreens, from the oppressor and destroyer…..awake...awake and consume them in your wrath and fire.
O’ Zion, if only God had error (in choosing a new people and He did not!) why did He not look any further in the pains of labour, the land of Faithful warriors? (Moreover He, has)…God almighty bless the fields of the new covenant and the Great Spirit be the driving force in all its actions. The mountain can move, the waters can divided, the underground can call it’s spoils, the days can darken and nights illuminate like the brightest stars, but Zion will stand and remain as God's almighty spirit visitant the everlasting faith based stronghold.

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Ralph G.Warcloud  4/6/07