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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Seventh World power why still here, and for how long ?

Allow me to share some light on how divine intervention paved the way to its ascension. Spain was the dominating World power way before England, having and holding vast territories in the new World and other places in Europe. It controlled the water ways, commerce, trade and military superiority. it wasn't until a Leviathan of biblical proportion, time had come into the front stage. Many researchers and scholars agree that England was no match for the Spanish armada, and that after the eventual fall of the armada...not by man force, but some mysterious winds that agitated the waters that defeated the armada. England felt confident in claiming the spoils, but fell short on several occasions in making greater grounds against Spain. Still Spain remained a power England could not easily annex. Spain was never to be the same and weakened gave way to others powers that emerged.

Today the Anglo-binary power combined with her sister (America) enjoy a kind of exceptionalism, not that it has mighty powers or marbles of Its because a divine intervention has better plans for it. It had intervened in the late 1500's against counter ideology which in this case was Spain. But that has not change anything concerning its future in the balance, and the blood shed it has engaged in. From Genocide, slavery, human exploitation, the many wars it has fought against global populations. In the Holy book of Daniel chapter two (2) it talks about seven kings...and remember this article carries seven articles in series which I won't get into, because i'm only interested in the current Kingdom. I hope you find this of interest and further may hold the key to your many questions, and possible set one free.

 After the Spanish defeat In England, the boost to national pride lasted for years, and Elizabeth's legend persisted and grew long after her death. The repulsing of the Spanish naval force may have given heart to the Protestant cause across Europe and the belief that God was behind the Protestant cause.[54] This was shown by the striking of commemorative medals that bore variations on the inscription, "
1588. Flavit Jehovah et Dissipati Sunt" - with "Jehovah" in Hebrew letters ("God blew, and they are scattered"), or He blew with His winds, and they were scattered. There were also more lighthearted medals struck, such as the one with the play on the words of Julius Caesar: Venit, Vidit, Fugit (he came, he saw, he fled). The victory was acclaimed by the English as their greatest since Agincourt.[citation needed]
The English attempted to press home their advantage the following year, when the Drake–Norris Expedition of 1589, with a comparable fleet of English privateers, sailed to establish a base in the Azores, attack Spain, and raise a revolt in Portugal.[27] This expedition, led by Sir Francis Drake and John Norreys[54] raided Corunna but withdrew from Lisbon after failing to coordinate its strategy effectively with the Portuguese.[55]
Two more armadas were sent by Spain, in 1596 and 1597, but both were scattered by storms.[56]
The Spanish Navy underwent a major organizational reform that helped it to maintain control over its trans-Atlantic routes. High-seas buccaneering and the supply of troops to Philip II's enemies in the Netherlands and France continued, but brought few tangible rewards for England.[54]
The memory of the victory over the Armada was evoked during both the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War, when Britain again faced a concrete danger of invasion.

It was reported that, when Philip II learned of the result of the expedition, he declared, "I sent the Armada against men, not God's winds and waves".[48]

Another aspect to consider in this paradoxical element is that the counter reformation was shaping in England and other parts of Europe while Spain remained largely Catholic. Setting all that in context form should gave greater light of why things happen that way. Nevertheless the seventh World power is marked and sealed for the hand of Almighty God to do away just like he has predicted and allowed all to function as kingdoms. If not for this balance America would have turn into an ash bowl. Powerful political enemies have amassed against it, and as I speak Russian and China are more then a match for all powers combined.

Concerning the British Empire, historian H. G. Wells noted: “Nothing of the sort has ever existed before. First and central to the whole system was the ‘crowned republic’ of the United British Kingdoms . . . No single office and no single brain had ever comprehended the British Empire as a whole. It was a mixture of growths and accumulations entirely different from anything that has ever been called an empire before.”

Historian H. G. Wells wrote: “This new Roman power . . . was in several respects a different thing from any of the great empires that had hitherto prevailed in the civilised world. . . . [It] incorporated nearly all the Greek people in the world, and its population was less strongly Hamitic and Semitic than that of any preceding empire . . . It was so far a new pattern in history . . . The Roman Empire was a growth, an unplanned novel growth; the Roman people found themselves engaged almost unawares in a vast administrative experiment.” 

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