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Friday, October 20, 2017

Dr. Pedro Albizo Campos

This champion of social justice was an early start, for the awakening. Back in the 1930's Dr. Pedro Albizo Campos had a true understanding of what was to be the future. His timely words resonate very clearly today for the truth seeker's, and those who are just getting acquainted with the information age. I provided a translation of which one can follow.

Re-board-casting this timely speech by Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, after asking around the many whom have listen to this speech if they could make it available to others in English, language I decided to give it try myself.

A proposed translation for those whom not understood the power speech of Dr.Pedro Albizu Campos,

Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos,

Well the Indian, in the United States at this moment lives in concentration camps. It is said that Hitler invented the concentration camps, NO' the invention of the concentration the institution of the United states. Its been around a very long time, now when United States have wars, the Indian mothers has to give their son's to the Yankee's so that they can go and kill in Germany, Africa and Japan, for this the Indian's are good. Something similar to the Puerto Rican's, the Puerto Rican's should not have been born, the Puerto Rican's should not exist, to many Puerto Rican's in the World. YES'... but when the bridle is pressed against the Yankee's, the Puerto Rican's are much needed, to pack and carry out for the errors. (applause)

They have done away with the Native blood, I'm oftenly asked by men of good faith, that in the united States, in the North of Canada, in the French part of Canada, there is a great Nation. where there is Native blood, or European blood, where did this come from? Because there is only one blood, the black, Indian, white ! Why the suppression of the different blood, when there is only one blood of a human being of which is Divine!

Why in the South of Rio Grand, the same phenomenon is present? Why Mexico with a population of 22 millions inhabitants, at least 20 millions are the greater descendants of those whom populated the our America! (pause)

Ah, is because in united States has arrived the whole spirit of Europe, abundant maleficence. The Con-temporary age friends of mines, is not the age of the atomic bomb...NO' the con-temporary age is that of the barbaric scientist.

We had conceived the maleficence a state of ignorance of the human mind this (was always an error)... the maleficence is a vileness state of the human spirit of men.

The European's organized their vileness, their piracy, their loot, their collective assassination of the whole human race, that stands in the way. The Yankees and it's successor's, and the Australian's it's successor's, and the South African's it's successor's...are one's whom want to super-impose in the World this spirit!

The great herald of this Anglo-maleficence....having read recently from the English press that reflects the movements,thoughts, of the despots whom control here in Puerto Rico. The press has said lately that if wasn't for the atomic bomb, the Yankees and the English would have to commit suicide, You Hear...this comes from their own press and not ours (Hispanics).

And it is that the English and Anglo communities of British Nations, Yankees and brother's have reached moral bankruptcy of the spirit ! The only thing that the fear to eternal sanctions that comes over them in marching orders. That comes advancing over their conscience, they are the one's whom feel weak.

They feel weak not because a of powerful Muscovite movement, NO' it's because they carry a heavy heart, the black clouds of their rapture, the black clouds of blind hate, resentment, destruction, and death of every nation they exploit !

*I'm aware and have read the copy right and fair clause act, and take no credit other-then the distribution for educational purpose with much respect and I share this material .