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Monday, December 3, 2012

Miracle of Life

 As dedicated bible-based (prophecies) researcher I have been fascinated and intrigued by the great resource work it really is...this wonderful time piece(Holy Book)can set the stage for all kinds of fact finding and guide to many topics. From science,archaeology,history,family,genealogy,health,civil law; it's certainly an endless master work of infinite uncontested wisdom. I have included reference text to accompany this video as a compliment...since the miracle of life' rekindle and touches the fiber of every spiritual conscious able human being.

*The original film was narrated in part in Islam,the BBC owner had it remove on copy right laws.So here is the film again whom ever narrates it...I have zero affiliates with neither one.*

  • (Job 10:8) Your own hands have shaped me so that they made me In entirety round about, and yet you would swallow me up.
  • (Job 31:15) Did not the One making me in the belly make him, And did not just One proceed to prepare us in the womb?
  • (Psalm 22:10) Upon you I have been thrown from the womb; From the belly of my mother you have been my God.
  • (Isaiah 46:3) “Listen to me, O house of Jacob, and all YOU remaining ones of the house of Israel, YOU the ones conveyed [by me] from the belly, the ones carried from the womb.
  • (John 3:4) Nic·o·de′mus said to him: “How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter into the womb of his mother a second time and be born, can he?”
  • Psalm 19:1) The heavens are declaring the glory of God; And of the work of his hands the expanse is telling.
  • (Psalm 92:5) How great your works are, O Jehovah! Very deep your thoughts are.
  • (Psalm 104:24) How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions.
  • (Psalm 111:2) The works of Jehovah are great, Searched for on the part of all those delighting in them.
  • (Job 10:11) With skin and flesh you proceeded to clothe me And with bones and sinews to weave me together
  • (Ecclesiastes 11:5) Just as you are not aware of what is the way of the spirit in the bones in the belly of her that is pregnant, in like manner you do not know the work of the [true] God, who does all things.
  • (Job 1:21) and say: “Naked I came out of my mother’s belly, And naked shall I return there. Jehovah himself has given, and Jehovah himself has taken away. Let the name of Jehovah continue to be blessed.”
  • (Job 10:18) So why from a womb did you bring me out? Could I have expired, that not even an eye could see me,
  • (Psalm 127:3) Look! Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah; The fruitage of the belly is a reward.
It is not without good reason that Psalm 104:24 says: “How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions.”